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Timeline for Finding a Las Vegas Rental House

Timeline for Finding a Las Vegas Rental Home The key to finding a rental house in Las Vegas is the timeline.  There is a very small window.  You cannot start your physical search too early – landlords will only hold the property for about 2 weeks.  You can’t start too late – it takes a couple […]

2012 Las Vegas Rental Home Market Trends

Las Vegas real estate in 2012 will no doubt be a wild and wacky and an unpredictable market resulting in broken crystal balls as it has been for the last 5 years.   This I am sure of. My 2012 Las Vegas real estate market trends predictions will depend on several factors: Steady interest rates Steady underwriting […]

Typical Move In Costs for Renting a Las Vegas Home

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense at the moment to buy a home in the Las Vegas area – for whatever reason.  When you have to rent a house in Las Vegas, you will obviously what to know what is involved $$ wise in the beginning. It is always smart to plan ahead so you are ready when […]

Is the Las Vegas Home You Are Renting in Default or Being Foreclosed Upon?

I decided it was time to update and rewarn all Las Vegas Renters and POTENTIAL Renters of the signs that your home you are renting (or want to rent) is in stages of foreclosure. I perform many BPOs.  BPOs are Broker Price Opinions which means banks are just searching for opinions on list pricing for a […]